Certification Process


In order to every wines that receive the CVRPS seal to be effectively certified as products of recognized origin, we follow a rigorous and demanding of wine origin controlling process with D.O. Setúbal, D.O. Palmela and I.G. Setúbal Peninsula. The wine control process begins in the vineyard. Winegrowers voluntarily register their vineyards as being able to produce wines with D.O. Setúbal (Moscatel de Setúbal and Moscatel Roxo de Setúbal) and D.O. Palmela, as well as I.G. Setúbal Peninsula. After an inspection that will analyze, among other aspects, the grape varieties, soils and certain attributes of the vineyard plot, it will be registered. Then, in order to be able to commercialize the wine, the economic agents must register in the Instituto da Vinha e do Vinho and CVRPS, deliver a sample deposits plant, of the remaining wine production and storage facilities. CVRPS weekly collects the samples that are proposed for certification and that will then be submitted to our demanding Quality Chamber for sensory tasting and also sent to a physical-chemical analysis laboratory (accredited) to verify that the wine follows all the legal parameters within the general limits established and for the Denominations of Origin and Geographical Indication of the Region. At the same time, economic agents – producers or traders – must provide requests for labeling appraisal, numbering and stamps requisition, settle the fees and wait for the stamps delivery. If the wine produced is approved in all stages, it will receive the corresponding designation and can be bottled with the CVRPS certification seal applied to its packaging.

Why certificate?

Origin Guarantee. Economic valuation of the wine industry (vineyards registered for the production of grapes suitable for DO / IG). Economic valuation of the product (in bulk or bottled). Credibility of the products with the consumer. Business credibility with the economic partners (Ex .: Importers, HORECA, Distributors)