Produced more sparingly, and therefore not as well known, but no less appreciated than the Moscatel de Setúbal, the estate of the Moscatel Roxo [Purple Muscat] is the Setúbal Peninsula. This grape varietal nearly became extinct during the last century owing to the extreme difficulty in ensuring a good production volume. This lead to the planting of other varietals during this period.


  • Its bunches are small and compact, with round berries that have a pink hue and are extremely sweet.
  • Similarly to the Moscatel de Setúbal, this varietal has a rich aromatic profile, and is an unequivocal element in the flavour and aroma characteristics of the wines created from it.
  • Compared with wines from the Moscatel de Setúbal varietal, this fortified wine has a drier and more complex aroma, but one which is no less rich, as the taste exceeds the expectations created by the aroma, displaying a refined bouquet where spices, sour cherry and fig jams are highlighted.